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Cancer Moonshot Initiatives Unlock Technology Innovations Surrounding Algorithms for Predictive Diagnosis

SANTA CLARA, Calif.andnbsp;Non-invasive liquid biopsy assay testing is poised to transform the oncology diagnostics market in the United States (U.S.) by steadily replacing traditional invasive biopsies. While the technology for targeting and identifying different cancer biomarkers is available, understanding the downstream ramifications and the methodology to measure them will be the proprietary technology for new assays. Growth in cancer testing is augmented by advancements in next-generation sequencing (NGS), proteomics, and the rise of personalized medicine. Opportunities lie in screening, preventive and therapy selection areas as these are the most promising applications for liquid biopsies and companion diagnostics that increase positive outcomes. The clinical protocols for diagnosis of breast cancer and colon cancer now involve the use of imaging techniques as well as in vitro diagnostic tests. The augmentation of protocols to supplement clinical decisions drives a more definitive diagnosis. Other technologies that are poised to boost due to the growth in oncology diagnostics is digital pathology which will lead to digitization of workflows for pathologists. Click here for more.

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