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Huawei and Ericsson Build over 80% of the World’s Commercial LTE Networks

The GSA (Global Mobile Suppliers Association) has published an update to its Evolution to LTE Report, confirming 49 operators have now launched commercial LTE services in 29 countries. According to the report, Huawei and Ericsson are responsible for building over 80% of these commercial networks around the world.

Huawei and Ericsson lead the market in LTE network launches with Huawei having built 23 LTE commercial networks and Ericsson 21. Nokia Siemens Networks has built 13 commercial networks, with Alcatel-Lucent and Samsung each having built 5 trials, technology testing or studies.

With the world’s first LTE commercial network, the report lists Europe as the fastest-growing region for LTE. The GSA lists 24 operators in Europe that have launched LTE commercial services, about 50% of the total numbe. In Europe, Huawei has partnered with Deutsche Telekom, MTS, Telefonica, Telenor, TeliaSonera, Vodafone and other leading operators to launch commercial LTE networks. Ericcson and Nokia Siemens Networks each have 8 deployments in Europe.

In North America GSA counts six commercial LTE networks, of which five are deployed by Ericsson. Interestingly the report also highlights that 285 operators, over 30% higher than 6 months ago, have committed to commercial LTE network deployments or are engaged in trials, technology testing or studies.

Huawei and Ericsson Build over 80% of Global Commercial LTE Network – telecoms industry news, analysis and opinion

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