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Foxconn Admits Hiring 14-Year Old Students at Chinese Factory

Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology has admitted that it has employed interns as young as 14 years old in its Chinese factories. Click here for more.


Chinese operators invest in cloud computing parks

China Mobile and China Unicom have both begun constructing their own cloud computing parks in the country’s Guizhou Province

China Mobile and China Unicom have both begun constructing their own cloud computing parks in the country’s Guizhou Province

Chinese operators China Mobile and China Unicom have both begun constructing their own cloud computing parks in the country’s Guizhou Province, according to state news agency Xinhua.

The two operators will invest a combined total of ¥7bn ($ 1.15bn) into the parks, which will be based in the Gui’an new area.

China Unicom will invest ¥7bn in its park, while China Unicom will invest ¥2bn. The Gui’an new area is one of five key new areas cited in the country’s five-year plan for 2011-2015 to promote development in western regions.

China’s third operator, China Telecom, announced plans in October to construct its own cloud computing park in the same area. The firm opened a cloud computing datacentre in Inner Mongolia in July this year as part of a ¥17.5bn (£1.8bn) investment in the technology.

China Mobile has 747 million subscribers as of September 2013, according to Informa’s WCIS, which dwarfs China Unicom’s 268 million subscribers and China Telecom’s 177.7 million subscribers.

The Broadband Asia conference is taking place on the 29th-30th April 2014 at the Suntec, Singapore. Click here to download a brochure.

Chinese Smartphone Vendors Were Only Vendors in the Global Top Five to Increase Sales in Q3

Huawei is closing the gap with Apple. In the third quarter of 2016, there was less than a three percentage point difference in market share between them in the smartphone market. Click here for more.

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Qualcomm adds Chinese GPS support to smartphones

Avonline to deliver 20 Mbps satellite broadband

Adding Chinese satellite GPS will enhance location accuracy

Chipmaker Qualcomm has added support for China’s BeiDou navigation satellite system to its solutions. The vendor said that using BeiDou will enhance location precision in smartphones and tablets in China and globally.

The vendor will support the satellite BeiDou constellation within Qualcomm IZat location solutions, increasing the number of satellites that Qualcomm-based devices can access to provide greater position location accuracy.

The vendor is collaborating with Korean device maker Samsung to launch the first wave of BeiDou enhanced consumer smartphones. The first, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, uses the industry’s first integrated tri-band location platform to provide more accurate location data to users by concurrently processing signals from multiple satellite networks.

Providing accurate location information and services in China has historically been a challenge in some locations, according to Qualcomm, especially in urban canyons, where devices may suffer from low visibility to satellites blocked by tall buildings that obstruct the signals.

Support for BeiDou in China gives devices access to more satellites, increasing location accuracy. This improves customers’ pedestrian navigation, speeds local searches and enhances other location-based services, the vendor said.

Amir Faintuch, president, Qualcomm Atheros said that more than three billion devices featuring Qualcomm’s location technology have shipped to date and the introduction of BeiDou is the latest step to evolve the firm’s technology.

“We see BeiDou’s support being an important factor for OEMs in China, and globally as well. With this new location enhancement, we believe our customers can bring greater differentiation with advanced performance, applications and services.”

OPPO tops the Chinese smartphone market for the very first time

OPPO and vivo rose because the Chinese market has evolved beyond operator and online driven channels over to an offline structure that dovetails with OPPO and vivo’s strengths. Click here for more.

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Chinese Wearable Device Vendors Go Global As Shipments Soar

China shipped 9.54 million wearable devices in the second quarter of 2016, an increase of 13.2% from the previous quarter and up 81.4% from a year earlier, Click here for more.

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Chinese IoT Market Will Exceed One Billion Connections by 2020

China’s machine-to-machine (M2M) market will reach one billion connections by 2020, with the majority coming from the developing Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) market, Click here for more.

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Chinese consumers are top globally for wanting to be “reachable” at all times

By contrast, less than a-fifth (18 percent) of Japanese connected consumers exhibit a strong “always reachable” mindset-the lowest in APAC and second lowest of all countries surveyed. Click here for more.

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Apple Hit by Fresh Allegations of Poor Chinese Worker Conditions

Apple says that it is investigating claims of poor working conditions at one of its suppliers factories in China, although it says the factory has generally passed previous inspections before. Click here for more.


Worldwide Smartphone Growth Goes Flat as Chinese Vendors Churn the Top 5 List

According to IDC, vendors shipped a total of 334.9 million smartphones worldwide in the first quarter of 2016 (1Q16), up slightly from the 334.3 million units in 1Q15 Click here for more.

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