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Revolutionary USB 3.1 Connector from Yokowo Achieves Super Fast Data Transfer, without a Placing Shield.

Without the inclusion of a placing shield, Yokowo’s new USB 3.1 Connector handles high-speed signals (SSTX/RX) equivalent to USB 3.1 (10Gbps) and still blocks unnecessary signals. Instead, four ground pins shield the connector from interference and provide a big boost in data transfer speeds. The elimination of the placing shield has also eliminated any interference from the build up of dust on the connector. Click here for more.

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Case Study: How Vodafone India built a Super NOC for 150M subscribers

Case Study: Building a centralized Super NOC for 150M subscribers – how Vodafone India harnesses end-to-end network performance intelligence to deliver a superior customer experience

As part of its strategic goal of differentiating on network quality, in 2010 Vodafone India identified an opportunity to radically change the way that its operational systems were designed, managed and run so as to improve customer experience, increase operational efficiency and optimize revenue.

Register for this webinar to join Vodafone, MYCOM and HP to hear about the Vodafone India Super NOC (Super Network Operations Centre) that consolidates multiple silos of network operations, vendors, technologies and geographic locations across 23 regions and 150M subscribers, and how Vodafone leverages large-scale, near real-time, multi-domain network performance intelligence to deliver a single unified view of the network within its end-to-end service-oriented operations.

Hear how Vodafone India delivers:

End to end visibility through a unified Network and Service Dashboard
Integrated operations for Service Quality Management, Service Impact Analysis and Service Level Management
Proactive operations using performance intelligence to predict and avoid issues, as well as fast service and network root cause analysis