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Comcast Provides 78,500 Free XFINITY WiFi Hotspots to Aid Residents and Emergency Personnel During Northern California Wildfire Crisis

Comcast has opened 78,500 XFINITY WiFi hotspots to help residents and emergency personnel gain Internet access and stay connected throughout the areas impacted by the Northern California wildfires. XFINITY WiFi hotspots are available for free to anyone who needs them – including non-XFINITY customers – and will remain available until at least October 31. Click here for more.

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Cambium Networks conecta lo no conectado en todo el mundo con WiFi asequible de alta calidad

Cambium envía más de siete millones de módulos de banda ancha inalámbrica para proveer conectividad asequible de alta velocidad y conectar a la industria, las empresas y a los clientes residenciales. Click here for more.

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Clientes Skype somam mais de 68 mil acessos pela rede Wi-Fi da Linktel

Image via CrunchBaseClientes Skype somam mais de 68 mil acessos pela rede Wi-Fi da Linktel
Serviço permite acesso em alta velocidade a partir de hotspots em todo o Brasil. Aeroporto de Guarulhos é…

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Improved Wi-Fi Access for UK Airport Lounges

UK based Wi-Fi services provider, Spectrum Interactive has extended its Wi-Fi network to Flybe’s Executive Lounges. Click here for more.


Students set out to transform management of dense wifi networks

Researchers at Stanford University are working on a project that aims to improve the way users access wifi networks in their homes and enterprises

Researchers at Stanford University are working on a project that aims to improve the way users access wifi networks in their homes and enterprises

Students at US educational institution Stanford University are working on a research project that aims to improve the way users access wifi networks in their homes and enterprises.

BeHop is a research project for the management of dense wifi networks, which aims to better understand how such networks coexist and how they can better work together. It is run by a team from the university’s department of electrical engineering who said they hope to create a way to ensure there are no spots with poor coverage or lag while users stream video content over wifi.

The researchers, led by PhD candidate Yiannis Yiakoumis, aim to use consumer access point equipment with open source SDN technology to manage the networks in a way that ensures fast and reliable wifi access for all.

They are piloting a network in a dormitory at the university campus that provides dense wifi infrastructure, which each student can access and manage as a personal private network. Students wishing to participate in the project will have their own private wifi access point installed in their room.

“Our goal is to improve your wireless network experience,” the research team wrote on the project’s website.

“First, our Access Points support higher rates than the existing equipment installed at [dormitory] Studio 5. Also, by installing an AP in your room (and therefore closer to you), your wireless coverage is much better leading to better performance. Finally, we will co-ordinate the operation of all these APs to ensure certain properties (efficient use of the spectrum, load-balancing of clients, etc).”

There are already services on the market, such as global wifi network provider Fon, that have set out to make better use of wifi network connectivity. Fon allows consumers with a broadband subscription to join its wifi hotspot network by purchasing one of its routers. The router enables all fellow Fon members to use that wifi connection securely when on the move, and in turn, the subscriber is able to roam on all member hotspots for free.

In January, the firm raised $ 14m in funding from several investors, led by Qualcomm, and in March last year, Deutsche Telekom called on Fon for its WLAN TO GO offering.

Las soluciones de wifi cnPilot de Cambium Networks logran el premio al mejor producto en la SMB TechFest

Las soluciones de wifi ininterrumpida 802.11ac Wave 2 son fáciles de implementar y ofrecen gran capacidad y rendimiento para el acceso a wifi en interiores o exteriores Click here for more.

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139.1 Million Consumer Wi-Fi Units Shipped in 2013; 802.11ac Sales Accelerating

The worldwide Wi-Fi customer premises equipment market including access points, routers and gateways shipments surpassed 139.1 million in 2013. Click here for more.


cnPilot Wi-Fi Solutions From Cambium Networks Win SMB Techfest Best Product Award

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill.andnbsp;Cambium Networks, a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, today announced that its cnPilot™ Wi-Fi products have been awarded “best product” at the SMB Techfest event in Anaheim, California . Click here for more.

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Soluções de Wi-Fi cnPilot da Cambium Networks ganha prêmio de melhor produto na SMB Techfest

andnbsp;A Cambium Networks, provedora líder mundial de mercado de soluções para rede wireless, anunciou hoje que seus produtos de Wi-Fi cnPilot™ ganharam o prêmio de “melhor produto” no evento da SMB Techfest em Anaheim, Califórnia. Click here for more.

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El Honda Odyssey 2018: El primer miniván con Wi-Fi 4G LTE en vehículo que les ofrece a los clientes datos ilimitados de ATandT

TORRANCE, California , 7 de julio de 2017 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ –andnbsp;El totalmente nuevo Honda Odyssey 2018 cumple su misión de mantener contentos a todos en la familia, en parte por ser el primer miniván que ofrece servicio Wi-Fi 4G LTE en vehículo para facilitar la reproducción de video, música y más. Los propietarios del Odyssey 2018 con los acabados Elite y Touring, en Estados Unidos, ahora pueden comprar planes de datos ilimitados tanto prepagados1 como pospagados2 de ATandamp;T por el bajo precio inicial de $ 20 al mes. Estos planes de datos llevarán la experiencia de conectividad en auto del Odyssey a un nuevo nivel, en el cual el entretenimiento en vehículo y en movimiento prácticamente carece de límites. Click here for more.

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