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Teenage Girl Gets Trapped in a Drain Trying to Retrieve her Phone

A teenage girl who dropped her phone down a drain in the street, then climbed in to try and retrieve it — and got stuck. Click here for more.


Nearly Third of Automotive Shoppers Use a Mobile Phone to Shop for a Vehicle

In 2012, 31 percent of in-market vehicle shoppers have visited automotive websites via their smartphone, compared with 24 percent in 2011 and 17 percent in 2010. These same shoppers access third party sites and manufacturer sites at similar rates (69% and 68%, respectively). Click here for more.


LION Universe signs deal to Distribute the HD and Full HD Naked Eye 3D LION Phone in Nigeria, the Largest Telecommunications Market in Africa

SAN DIEGO , Oct. TPT Global Tech (OTCBB:TPTW) announced today that its Smartphone division, LION Universe signed a distribution deal with Midas Touch Logistic Options Ltd. (MTLOL) Nigeria to distribute their Full HD and Full HD Naked Eye 3D (no eye wear)andnbsp;Smart phones in the country of Nigeria , Africa . Femi Adediran is the MD/CEO ofandnbsp;Dynamite Foods Limited, an emerging food company that is currently making waves in Nigeria . He is the President, Midas Touch Logistic Options Limited (MTLOL), an investment group for visionary minds and he is a Managing Partner at Tombake Nigeria Limited. This transaction marks LION Universe’s second recent African distribution expansion deal into the African market. Recently LION Universe signed a deal to Distribute its Smartphones into the Gambian West African market. TPT Global Tech recently completedandnbsp;the purchase of LION Universe Technologies assets, a Los Angeles-Based Mobile Technology think tank.andnbsp; The LION smart phone is the first Full HD Naked Eye 3D technologysmart phone ever launched in the United States . LION Universe mobile 3D technology is Patent pending. With a business model built on innovation and progress starting with the LION phone, the company produces high-quality and easy-to-use cellular phones with wide appeal. The LION phone was designed for consumers looking for portable and affordable cutting edge technology. LION Universe’s first generation phones come equipped with full high definition resolution screen for better viewing. The Full HD Naked Eye 3D LION smart phone is perfect for watching movies, playing games, even editing photos or videos. Click here for more.

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Announcing The Earthquake Phone

SEATTLE , Oct.andnbsp;Unfortunately, disasters like the recent one in Mexico happen with frightening regularity – not just earthquakes, but hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis – all of which can cause structures to collapse. Disaster dogs are certainly useful in locating buried victims, but they have numerous limitations. Ground-Penetrating Radar can also help, but is extremely expensive, limiting the availability of sufficient units when and where needed. Click here for more.

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Microsoft Waiving Windows Phone OS License Fee for Indian Handset Vendors

Microsoft is reportedly offering its Windows Phone OS as a free software package to two of India’s smartphone manufacturers as in incentive to them to develop compatible handsets for the local market. Click here for more.


Vietnam Mobile Phone Market Continued Its Freefall as Economic Problems Persist

Vietnam’s mobile phone market experienced a sequential decline of 18% in the second quarter of 2012 but still registered double-digit growth of 10.9% year-on-year (YoY), Click here for more.


US Regulator Allocates Funds to Expand Rural Mobile Phone Coverage

The US telecoms regulator, the FCC has announced details of how it is to spend US$ 300 million of its Universal Service Program funds on boosting mobile phone coverage in rural areas. Click here for more.


Lufthansa Rolls Out Mobile Phone Services with AeroMobile

Europe’s largest airline, Lufthansa, has launched its inflight mobile phone service with AeroMobile, allowing passengers to use their own mobile devices to text and browse online at 30,000 feet via Lufthansa FlyNet. Click here for more.


Motorola Droid Razr review: Thinnest 4G LTE phone

Vamos dar uma olhada na super-fino Motorola Razr Droid e ver se este “incrivelmente fino” telefone pode proporcionar uma experiência de 4G LTE

Motorola Droid Razr review: Thinnest 4G LTE…

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Indian Mobile Phone Subscriber Base to Pass 1 Billion Mark by March 2013

India’s Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) has issued a predication that the country’s mobile phone subscriber base will pass the one billion mark by the end of the fiscal year – in March 2013. Click here for more.