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VisTracks Announces Support for Pacific Track ELD Device

VisTracks, Inc., provider of the industry-leading family of FMCSA-certified Hours of Service (HOS), DVIR, and IFTA applications, has announced support for ELD hardware provider Pacific Track’s ELD device. This support is in addition to several other devices currently support by VisTracks. The addition of Pacific Track allows VisTracks’ resellers to obtain a high quality ELD product for their customers at an attractive price. VisTracks has passed all the requisite certification tests with this device and has certified to the FMCSA with posting on their website. Click here for more.

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Researchers find that Android apps can secretly track users’ whereabouts

Three years ago, the Federal Trade Commission dimmed hopes for the Brightest Flashlight app for Android, slapping its developer with charges of consumer deception. Why? Click here for more.

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Turkcell using Big Data to track faults

Turkcell is using Big Data to track network problems

Turkcell is using Big Data to track network problems

Turkcell has rolled out a Big Data application to help it recover from network failures by correlating information from different sources in real time to identify the root cause of failure.

The Turkish carrier, which boasts over 32 million subscribers, tapped up SysMech for the installation, using the specialist’s insight gained from cell site optimisation, planning and monitoring of the London 2012 Olympics.

Turkcell needed a Big Data analysis tool because a network of its size generates a lot of data, which in turn requires a lot of time, resource, energy and money to track the many issues that occur.

In one example the telco highlighted the situation of a power failure at a base station which triggered several different alarms. SysMech’s ZenSM tool was able to identify the underlying problem and aggregate the alarms, summarising the failure in a single alarm and reducing the time an engineer takes to work out the problem. This results in less alarms to investigate, quicker recovery from failures, and increased service availability.

Big data will be a key topic at the Broadband World Forumtaking place on the 22nd – 24th October 2013 at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, Amsterdam. Click here to download a brochure for the event and here to register for a conference pass.

Smartwatches can now track your finger in mid-air using sonar

As mobile and wearable devices such as smartwatches grow smaller, it gets tougher for people to interact with screens the size of a matchbook. Click here for more.

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Mobile phones provide fast track to financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa

Even as mobile money services become part of daily life for millions in Sub-Saharan Africa, many potential customers face basic barriers to accessing the services on their own mobile phones. Click here for more.

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Wearable technology can sense appliance use, help track carbon footprint

In today’s smart home, technologies can track how much energy a particular appliance like a refrigerator or television or hair dryer is gobbling up. What they don’t typically show is which person in the house actually flicked the switch. Click here for more.

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Cell phones help track of flu on campus

New methods for analyzing personal health and lifestyle data captured through wearable devices or smartphone apps can help identify college students at risk of catching the flu, Click here for more.

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Thumbnail track pad

Researchers at the MIT Media Lab are developing a new wearable device that turns the user’s thumbnail into a miniature wireless track pad. Click here for more.

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Floating robots use GPS-enabled smartphones to track water flow

The smartphone-equipped floating robots demonstrated the next generation of water monitoring technology, promising to transform the way government agencies monitor one of the state’s most precious resources. Click here for more.